Can we just Evolve already?

Saturn in your chart: Bummer or Evolutionary Force?

saturn return and saturn transits and vedic too

Yes, Saturn is a task-master… but it’s also your Evolution Ally

Are you feeling squashed by life? Does it seem like you’re trying so hard to make things happen but it’s an uphill battle? Look at what Saturn is up to in your astrology chart.

Saturn returns are famous around the age of 28 or 29 but there are other major Saturn transits and phases that have a huge impact on your life, including the ominous Sadi-Sati known to Vedic astrologers. The Evolutionary Divas discuss the nature and purpose of Saturn’s energy as a force for discipline, structure, de-cluttering of your consciousness and simplification that points to personal growth and spiritual evolution. Whoa! This is deep.

Both astro-newbies and seasoned astrology buffs will enjoy this conversation with Miss Wells and Debbianne because everyone finds themselves in Saturn’s clutches, sooner or later. When you know the seasons of planetary effects, it brings relief and understanding. Happy Evolving, y’all!


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