Can we just Evolve already?

Be True to Yourself!

Why it's important to be Yourself and stay connected to your inner True Self

Are you being Your True Self?

Are you feeling suppressed by other people? Stuck in a job that’s really not you? Being yourself, honoring yourself, loving yourself, respecting yourself, expressing yourself, accepting yourself… these are the most important things you can do, not just for your own happiness, but for the well-being of the entire planet, believe it or not. How can you express more of your true self? Who is your True Self, actually? What does it mean to be true to yourself? Why does it matter? How can you act in loving authentic ways toward your True Self, and shed the “shoulds” imposed on you from other people and the outside world? How does being true to YOU end up inspiring other people? Join the Evolutionary Divas as they explore the Importance of Being You. If you enjoy this episode, give us a holler at Visit the Divas individually at and Debbianne.comfor more inspiring goodies.

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