Evolutionary Divas is a comedy-infused show about Conscious Evolution.

Evolution is an inside job, but we wear it on the outside… like a ballgown of happiness.


Love, Learn, Laugh and Evolve

every week with Miss Wells and Debbianne

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Wait, what exactly is an Evolutionary Diva?

In traditional times, a DIVA was a female opera singer, but society has since modernized the definition to include pop vocalists. The word also has this other meaning—the one you probably know all too well—of a temperamental, impossible-to-please-but-you’d-better-try-hard-anyway, bitch-on-wheels type of gal. Probably because certain singers really excelled at that sort of behavior. Ah, language… you gotta love its evolution!

But let's not forget that the word DIVA shares the same root as DIVINITY. It literally means GODDESS!

As Evolutionary Divas, we aim to uphold the operatic tradition of lavish couture while reaching for bold new high notes of Love and Compassion. We’re here to reclaim our inner Divinity—and parade it up and down the streets. Is that so wrong?

Join this joyous gaggle of goddesses evolving our inner Divas aloud, together. This won’t hurt a bit… we promise. And by the way, Divas don’t have to be chicks. Everyone has an inner Diva, just longing to be bedazzled with spiritual sequins!

Miss Wells & Debbianne

P.S. Do you know any Divas who could use some evolving? Send ‘em our way! :)