Book of Mormon and more

In this episode, the Divas discuss the value of levity and entertainment in exposing creepy cults. Plus the practice of not judging your own judgmental self. Topics addressed: Book of Mormon, Scientology, Jesus Christ Superstar, and judgmentality. Good stuff!

Aquarians are known for their love of freedom and independence…which makes being in a partnership kind of tricky. The Evolutionary Divas, both Aquarius chicks, explore the challenges of being hooked up, and balancing a universal love for humanity with love for that special someone.

great excuses for procrastinating!


Long time, no podcast!

In this episode, the Evolutionary Divas explain why they took a few months off. Personal growth is the best excuse for procrastinating… plus a few runners-up.

Astrology is so useful for personal growth


Are you astro-curious?

In this episode, the Evolutionary Divas explain both the merits and the pitfalls of astrology as a tool for coping with life and making the most of your human evolution. Topics include natal charts, transits, mundane astrology, horary, vedic, synastry… and how the Divas came to be Astrology Geeks.

Meet the divas!

Introducing… the Evolutionary Divas!

What is an Evolutionary Diva? What Evolution means to us as Divas. Why we do what we do. A short taster. An Introductory podcast.